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Installation via Telnet (PowerConnect Java - All Versions)

Optionally you can use telnet to deploy the SCA file instead of using SUM, this is supported by SAP for advanced / expert users and has the following advantages.

·         No need to setup or configure SUM

·         Can also un-deploy an SCA or individual component

·         Can upgrade non-sequential version

·         Can upgrade / deploy / remove a component that can not be maintained using SUM for any reason

The steps to perform a telnet based deployment of the PowerConnect SCA are below:

First log in to the J2EE telnet port (5XX08 where XX is the J2EE instance number), in this example it is port 50008, as the SAP instance number is 00.


To deploy a the PowerConnect SCA in to the environment use the following command

deploy C:\temp\powerconnect\ (XX = SP version number)

Once deployment is successful


Run the list_app command again to confirm the PowerConnect agent is installed and running

list_app|grep -i power


You can also confirm this in the NetWeaver administrator:

The agent is installed now. Next step would be to configure roles and users for the PowerConnect Java client.